Starting the year right by setting career-related resolutions
14/01/2019 ソース: Desiree Loo Starting the year right by setting career-related resolutions

Starting the year right by setting career-related resolutions

A new year often equates to new beginnings—and new resolutions. So as you say goodbye to last year and look ahead to the next, you’ve probably started to give some thought to New Year goals you can aim for in 2019. Perhaps you’re hoping to meet new people or save a lot of bucks. More importantly, you possibly have a few career-driven resolutions on the docket as well, like getting a raise, getting a promotion, or simply getting a new job !

While it’s not typically very easy to hold on to your New Year’s resolution much past January—the best laid plans!—we’ve got an advice for you: Finding the right job can often help you live your resolution for the long haul.

Below are some popular career resolutions most people make : 

“I want to get a promotion”


If you are looking to stay with your current employer and rise up the coporate ladder . Here a golden rule to follow : Make your boss happy by being a star performer. Sit down with your manager and set specific goals for yourself.

“I want to meet new work contacts”

Resolved to get out there this year, shake some hands, exchange a few business cards, and possibly attend a networking event or two. We all know that part of finding a new job is making new connections, and you never know who you’ll meet who will land you in positions you never expect.


“I want better work-life balance or less work stress”

So work pretty much ruled your life the past year ? Skipping lunch, burning the midnight oil, and (eventually) heading home still stressed out from your day were your primary activities, along with canceling dinner plans and missing the big game on Sunday because of work.

If you’ve vowed to not let that be the case this year, you might want to consider finding a new job in companies that practise work-life balance.You can also check out employee reviews for companies in your industry to determine whether any of them have a less stress- inducing culture. 

“I want to travel more for work”

So you’re looking for a change of scenery—but you’re talking about something a little more than switching to the cubicle by the window. If you’re looking to satisfy your wanderlust, why not take your work international and get paid to travel the globe? Before you start packing your bags, you can check out a list of companies that will send you abroad . 

 “I want to learn more marketable skills”

If you want to keep your current skills sharp or add new ones to your arsenal, get down to utilising your skill future credit and hesitate no more. 

“I want to get a new job”

By now, you’ve probably figured out that you came to the right place. Want to know the quickest and easiest action you can take to help your job search? Start by tapping on the expertise of the recruiter here at TG . Each and every recuiter at TG, aim to fullfill this simple resolution by landing you with a new job. 








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